Shooting Drills That Will Make You a Knock-Down Shooter

Baskeball Shooting form

By Coach Shaun Shore,

In basketball, a knock-down shooter is a hot commodity. Being able to get the ball in the hoop from anywhere on the floor is almost a lost art. In general, when shooting it’s a good idea to:

  • Move without the ball and know where your teammates are.
  • Change speeds as you direct yourself toward a screen.
  • Never stand in the same spot for more than two seconds.

To help you take it up a notch, here are some knock-down shooting drills that can be done alone or with a partner as a passer. When performing them, work on being consistent in your shot preparation and deliberate in your drill work.

Front Pivot Jump Shot

Set Up:  Start by standing underneath the basket with back to the basket. Spin the ball out to yourself. Catch the ball after one bounce. Perform a forward pivot and shot a jump shot. Make sure you do 5 on your right foot and 5 on your left foot. Shoot 10 shots and record the makes. Shoot 10 free throws and record the makes. Repeat 5 times.

Inside Foot, Counter (sweep), 1 dribble Shot

Set Up:  Facing the basket in triple threat; spin the ball out to yourself so that the ball bounces once. Focus on planting your inside foot (foot closet to the basket/also your pivot foot) as you catch the ball. Sweep the ball and take 1 dribble and make a jump shot. Shoot 10 jump shots. Record how many you make.  Then repeat. This should be done 5 times each. After each shot get your rebound if you miss, make a layup. Then dribble the ball back out, spin the ball out to yourself and then repeat.

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Shaun Shore

Coach Shaun Shore is the Director of Basketball Operations for Velocity Sports Performance – Frisco Basketball Academy.  Shaun Shore was born and raised in Australia.  He attended the Hunter Academy of Sports in High School and played professional basketball straight out of high school for the Newcastle Falcons before a knee injury ended high professional career at age 19.  He moved to the United States in 1996 where he attended Chemeketa Community College and Western Oregon University gaining and Bachelor Degree in Health Science and playing basketball for 3 years winning the NWAAC championship as a freshman with Chemeketa Community College.  He moved to Houston to pursue a Masters of Physician Assistant Studies at Baylor College of Medicine.  He graduated in 2004 and moved to North Texas where he has established a career as a surgical Physician Assistant.

Shaun has 20 years experience in coaching youth sports ranging across all age groups.  He has coached High School basketball at Stayton High School in Oregon and currently coach’s a 4th and 9th grade select team.  Shaun is married to his beautiful wife Marla, for 18years and they have 3 children Caleb (15), Shaylee (11) and Riley (10)

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