Tips to Improve Your Volleyball Serve

Serving a volleyball involves more than just hitting the ball over the net. When executed correctly, it can be a valuable weapon that helps your team win matches.

Each type of volleyball serve has a special purpose. The Standing Float serve moves erratically, making it difficult for opponents to accurately pass or defend it. The powerful Jump Float Serve is difficult for opponents to defend because of its speed. The Topspin Serve curves quickly downward in front of passers and often falls for an ace to win the point.

Although you may prefer one of these serves, be sure to incorporate all three into your game. This will keep your opponents off balance and unsure about what to expect, improving your chance of an ace or an easy put away.

To ensure that you can confidently strike each of these shots, hone your technique with tips from Wyman Khuu, Premier Volleyball Academy National Team coach. Videos above.

Standing Float Serve

  • Keep feet narrow distance apart, with weight shifted to back foot
  • Step forward, transfer weight to front foot and lift ball
  • Strike ball overhead and in front of body
  • Keep wrist firm when contacting ball

Jump Float Serve

  • Jump toward net, not up
  • Keep wrist firm when contacting ball
  • Serve ball as close to service line as possible

Jump Topspin Serve

  • Take three-step approach and attack ball
  • Strike ball at highest point
  • Follow through by driving arm toward floor

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Welcome our new Director of Volleyball Operations – Coach Landon Carpenter – to Velocity Sports Performance Volleyball Academy!

coach landon carpenterCoaching Highlights:

• Finished 3rd in the nation in 15 Open in 2013
• Won 2 National Qualifiers in 2013
• 16s team finished ranked #1 in North Texas in 2012
• Medaled in 4 National events in 2013
• Finished 17t in the nation in 16 Open in 2012

Coach Landon Carpenter has over 12 years of experience coaching Volleyball at a high level.  He has worked with Skyline Volleyball Club and has qualified 7 teams for Nationals in 11 years as a head coach, including one of Skyline’s best seasons ever in 2013, winning two qualifiers, medaling in all 4 National events including a 3rd place finish in the Open division at the 2013 USAV National Championships. Landon is a graduate from Texas A&M University where he was the President, Captain, and player coach for the Texas A&M Men’s Volleyball Team. The team had great success through his five year tenure, finishing top ten at Nationals four years straight, including two trips to the semi finals and a very close loss to the undefeated defending national champions Arizona.

Landon received All-American honors in 2002 during that final four finish and All-conference honors every season with the team. The Texas A&M Men’s Volleyball team won conference under Landon’s setting leadership four of his five seasons. In 2006, Landon returned to the Aggies to coach the struggling team, bringing them back to a conference championship and another top 10 finish in the nation. He continues to play for the AA men’s USAV team Next, a team that has accomplished much including a finals finish in 2007. Landon moved to Dallas in January of 2004 when he started graduate school at Dallas Baptist University, completing his masters in Christian education with a Youth Ministry focus in May of 2006.  He also has coached at The Greenhill School as the varsity assistant 2006-2008 with the team winning SPC in 2006. In 2009, through some different volleyball/church encounters, Landon met his beautiful, sweet wife Angela. They are very proud parents of Avery Grace, now almost 2 years old and growing fast! Angela is a stay-at-home mom, while Landon coaches and produces free-lance video.

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